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Courses of Study at the Faculty of Social Science

StudienangebotThe Faculty of Social Science at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum has reorganised all its courses to the new modularised Bachelor and Master degree courses as one of the first faculties of its kind. The emphasis lies on an integrative approach of Social Science in research and teaching. The theme is the close linking of the individual Social Science disciplines as well as a mutually complimentary scientific education with application orientation. The Bachelor and Master course Social Science (1-subject) aims at a clear inter-discipline scientific and research methodological orientation. The focus in the 2-subject model is more theme and vocation field oriented

General Information

Bachelor Degree Course

Bachelor Degree Course in the One-subject-model
Subjects in the Bachelor Two-subject-model

Master Degree Course

Master Degree Course in the One-subject-model
Subjects in the Master Two-subject-model
International Master Degree Course