Prof. Nira Yuval-Davis, Ph.D. - Marie Jahoda Visiting Professor - Summer term 2003

Nira Yuval-Davis is a professor of gender and ethnic studies at the University of London and has been the president of the race, ethnicity and minority relations research committee of the International Sociological Association since 1994. She received her Ph.D. in sociology from Sussex University, UK in 1979. Yuval-Davis has published extensively in the area of intersected nationalism, racism and citizenship. Her book Gender and Nation (1997) has been translated into seven languages. Furthermore, she has been a guest lecturer at various universities, such as Ben-Gurion University and Tel Aviv University in Israel and the University of Umea in Sweden.

Areas of Expertise

  • Nationalism, racism and gender relations
  • Nationality and citizenship
  • Identity and politics of belonging
  • Settler Society

Courses and Lectures as Marie Jahoda Visiting Professor
Gender, Nationalism and Contemporary Politics of Belonging
Lecture at the workshop “Politics of Belonging: Transnationalism, Migration and Gender”, Ruhr University Bochum, 16 May 2003, 10–17.15 a.m., GC 03/146

Selected Publications
Yuval-Davis, Nira, and Fiona Anthias and Eleonore Kofman. 2005. Secure Borders – White Haven: The White paper and the gendered politics of migration and belonging. Ethnic and Racial Studies 28 (3): 513–535.

Yuval-Davis, Nira and Marcel Stoetzler. 2003. Standpoint Theory, Situated Knowledge and the Situated Imagination. Feminist Theory 3 (3): 315–334.

Yuval-Davis, Nira, and Max Silverman. 2002. Memorializing the Holocaust in Britain. Ethnicities 2 (1): 107–123.

Yuval-Davis, Nira. 1997. Gender and Nation. London: Sage.

Yuval-Davis, Nira, and Floya Anthias. 1992. Racialised Boundaries: Race, Nation, Gender, Colour and Class and the Anti-Racist Struggle. London: Routledge.