Prof. Elena Zdravomyslova, Ph.D. - Marie Jahoda Visiting Professor - Summer term 1998

Elena Zdravomyslova is a professor of sociology and the coordinator of gender studies at the Center of Independent Sociological Studies at the European University St. Petersburg, Russia. Her research focuses on understanding social movements and their impact on Russian civil society. She was a guest lecturer at the University of California, the New School in New York and Stanford University, all in the USA.

Areas of Expertise

  • Modes of gender in post-Soviet society
  • Women’s social activism
  • Care and emotional work from a feminist perspective
  • Reproductive health

Courses and Lectures as Marie Jahoda Visiting Professor
Russian Gender Culture and Transformation
Course, Faculty of Social Science, Ruhr University Bochum, summer term 1998, Wednesday, 2–4 p.m., GC 03/149

Russian Gender Culture and Feminism in Transition - Geschlechterkultur und Frauenbewegung im russischen Tansformationsprozess
Workshop, Ruhr University Bochum, 3 July 1998, 10–5 a.m.

Selected Publications
Zdravomyslova, Elena. 1999. Die Konstruktion der 'arbeitenden Mutter' und die Krise der Männlichkeit. Zur Unterscheidung von Öffentlichkeit und Privatheit im Kontext der Geschlechterkonstruktion im spätsowjetischen Russland. Feministische Studien 17 (1): 8–22.

Zdravomyslova, Elena. 1996. Opportunities and Framing in the Transition of Democracy. The Case of Russia. In Comparative Perspectives on Social Movements. Political Opportunities, Mobilizing Structures and Cultural Framings, ed. by Doug McAdam, John D. McCarthy and Mayer N. Zald. 122–140. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Zdravomyslova, Elena. 1996. Problems of Becoming a Housewife. In Women’s Voices in Russia Today, ed. by Anna Rotkirch and Elina Haavio-Mannila, 33–48. Aldershout: Dartmouth Press.