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Welcome to the Chair of International Politics / LS Internationale Politik

Current topics

EISA Section Emerging Powers in Global Governance
Stefan Schirm and Jörn Gottwald chair a section on 'Emerging Powers in Global Governance' at EISA's 11th Pan-European Conference on International Relations in Barcelona, 13-16 September 2017. Paper and panel submissions are welcome by 10 February 2017 [conference website]

Neuer Flyer zum Master GTG
Für den MA "Globalisierung, Transnationalisierung und Governance" wurde ein neuer Info-Flyer erstellt [hier]

Prof. Dr. Schirm: Di 14:30-15:30
van Loon, M.A.: Mi 10-11 Uhr
Novak, M.A.: Di 14-15 Uhr
Su, M.A.: Di 13-14 Uhr
Sekretariat: Mo, Mi und Do 10-12 Uhr, Di und Mi 14-16 Uhr

Stefan A. Schirm: Selected Publications [pdf and links]
2016 'Domestic Ideas, Institutions, or Interests? Explaining Governmental Preferences Towards Global Economic Governance', in: International Political Science Review, 37: 1, 66-80 [available at]

2015 'Societal Foundations of European Policy Divergence in Financial Governance', European University Institute (EUI), RSCAS working paper 2015/21, GGP 162, available as pdf at [SSRN][EUI].

2013 'Global Politics are Domestic Politics. A Societal Approach to Divergence in the G20', in: Review of International Studies 39: 3, 685-706 [article as pdf]

2013 'Domestic Politics Theorien und Societal Approach', in: Wullweber (Hrsg) 'Theorien der Internationalen Politischen Ökonomie', Wiesbaden, 167-182 [article as pdf]

2013 'Internationale Politische Ökonomie', 3. erweiterte und aktualisierte Auflage, UTB Nomos [online]

2011 'Varieties of Strategies: Societal Influences on British and German responses to the Global Economic Crisis', in: Journal of Contemporary European Studies 19: 1, 47-62 [more] [article as pdf]

2010 'Leaders in Need of Followers: Emerging Powers in Global Governance' in: European Journal of International Relations 16: 2, 197-221 [more]

2009 'Ideas and Interests in Global Financial Governance: Comparing German and US Preference Formation', in: Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 22: 3, 501-521 [more][article as pdf]

Aukje van Loon: The EU and the BRICS
2015: From Interregionalism to Bilateralism: Power and Interests in EU-Brazil Trade Cooperation, in: Rewizorski, M. (ed.) The European Union and the BRICS: Complex Relations in the Era of Global Governance, Springer: 141-159 [online]

RUBENS on the Chair for International Politics
In April 2011 RUBENS International published a report on the international team at the Chair for International Politics: "From the Four Corners of the Globe" [RUBENS pdf].

Publications (selection)