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Political Science Section

Sektion PolitikwissenschaftThe subject Political Science deals with the analysis of government systems, political decision-making, international relations and selected policy field.

About us

Aims, responsibilities and results of politics are highly controversial. The public demands on the one hand political solutions of social problems, but on the other hand the competence of political institutions to act and find solutions is increasingly doubted. This inconsistency is the basis for the legitimation problem of political systems nationally and transnationally. Political science deals (1) with the structures of political systems (2) with political processes determined by conflict and consensus and (3) with the contents, results and effects of the actions of political organisations. The concerted perspective of the Bochum Political Science is the problem of change of states under globalisation, transnationalisation, and regionalisation. In the centre of teaching and research are the following:

  • Government system of Germany
  • Comparative Political Science (emphasis: European and North American democracies)
  • International relations (emphasis: International political economy)
  • Regional und local politics (emphasis: public administration)
  • Transnationalisation (emphasis: governing in the European Union)
  • Analyses of selected policy fields (emphases: labour market policy, health care policy, technology policy).