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Social Science Methods and Statistics Section

Sektion Sozialwissenschaftliche Methoden und StatistikSocial Science Methods and Statistics deals with the theoretical-methodological methods of empirical models and the application of these processes in research projects.


About us

The members of the section "Social Science Methods and Statistics" of the Faculty of Social Science primarily deal with following tasks in teaching and research:

  • Translation of research problems into a research design, confrontation of "theory" and "data"
  • Methods for the construction of statistical models under consideration of temporal and dynamic aspects, among others
  • Combining statistical methods and approaches from the analysis of social networks
  • Theoretic scientific aspects of social science research and theory
  • Combining of qualitative and quantitative research approaches
  • Development of statistic programmes for the use in teaching and research

Beside the theoretical-methodological dealing with the methods of empirical social research, statistical models etc. these processes are applied in actual research projects. In the section topics from following fields are being dealt with:

  • Labour market research
  • Life course research
  • Education and further training research
  • Regional social structure research
  • History of the empirical social research

Projects are partly carried out as "teaching research" (consolidation seminars), i.e. students learn to choose and use the adequate models for analysis in actual research issues in seminars. Events on the research of developing countries are carried our, for instance. There is also an event on "evaluation on teaching and studying", which opens up the possibility of working in practical research projects for students. The students can also learn the practical use of statistic programmes on the IT-equipment in the section and get an insight into the problems in the use of complex social science data collection.





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