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Didactics at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Fachdidaktik der SozialwissenschaftenThe Master of Education degree in the subject Social Sciences replaces the previous teaching certificate course and conveys not only scientific but also didactic contents.

About us

A Master of Education for the subject Social Sciences for teaching at grammar schools and comprehensive schools is offered at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. According to the Bochum model in teacher training the determination for a teaching degree is made after finishing the Bachelor degree course in order to give students occupational options for other careers (Polyvalency model).

During the university training phase we aim to give the students theoretical-analytical knowledge and instruments for fulfilling, designing and reflecting the future practice as a Social Sciences teacher. Studying specific didactic theories, problems and methods, the basic principles of empirical teaching research as well as evaluation procedures is in the centre of the didactic studies in the Master of Education Social Sciences.

The starting point of the didactic studies in the subject Social Sciences is the understanding of didactics of an interdisciplinary mediation science. Knowledge in Social Sciences, Didactics, Educational Science and Psychology of Learning are combined (scientific knowledge). General knowledge of the students and the teaching patterns of teachers are also integrated (job-know-how of teachers).

In the periods of work experience the students are taught to teach along the learned criteria on the one hand and on the other hand to use and critically reflect the acquired knowledge in their first teaching attempts. The work experience is accompanied by a preparation and a follow-up seminar. During the work experience the students are guided and visited by the respective lecturers.

Our didactic self-concept and the specification of the tasks are the reason for the reflection and action competences being the most important didactic competences for students studying for a teaching certificate in Social Sciences.



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