Prof. Dr. Winnie Wanzala - Marie Jahoda Visiting Professor - Winter term 1994/1995

Winnie Wanzala lectures and conducts research in the Political Studies Department at the University of Namibia, Namibia. She is a member of the local coordinating committee of the African Association of Political Science. Her research focuses on understanding political and social changes in multicultural and highly diversified societies and their impact on social movements, especially the women’s movement.

Areas of Expertise

  • Gender, class and race
  • Development policy
  • Women’s movement in southern Africa
  • Namibia after the apartheid

Selected Publications
Wanzala, Winnie. 1994. Welche Rolle können städtische Frauenorganisationen bei der Emanzipation von Frauen in ländlichen Gebieten spielen? Eine theoretische Untersuchung. Peripherie 14 (53): 75–90.

Wanzala, Winnie, and William A. Lindeke.1994. Regional Elections in Namibia: Deepening Democracy and Gender Inclusion. Africa Today 41 (3): 5–14.

Wanzala, Winnie, William A. Lindeke and Victor Tonchi. 1992. Namibia's Election Revisited. Politikon 19 (3): 121–138.