Prof. Eva Rosenhaft, Ph.D. - Marie Jahoda Visiting Professor - Summer term 2005

Renowned social historian Eve Rosenhaft is professor of German historical studies at the University of Liverpool, UK. She studied history at McGill University in Canada and the University of Cambridge, UK and has had fellowships and visiting professorships in Britain, the United States and Germany. Her research interests are in the field of social history in Germany, social modernisation processes, urban culture, financial culture and race.

Areas of Expertise

  • German social history since the 18th century
  • History of ideas
  • Women’s studies and women’s history
  • National Socialist persecution of Sinti und Roma

Courses and Lectures as Marie Jahoda Visiting Professor
Gender and Business History
Course, Faculty of History, summer term 2005, Ruhr University Bochum

Gender and Holocaust: The Case of Sinti and Roma
Lecture, Faculty of History, Ruhr University Bochum

Selected Publications
Rosenhaft, Eva. 2004. . Did women Invent Life Insurance? Widows and the Demand for Financial Services in Eighteenth-century Germany. In Family Welfare: Gender, Property and Inheritance since the Seventeenth Century. Contributions to Family Studies Green, ed. by A. David R. Green and Alastair Owens, 163–194. London: Praeger Publishers.

Rosenhaft, Eve, and William Robert Lee. 1997. State, Social Policy and Social Change in Germany 1880-1994. Oxford: Bloomsbury Academic.

Rosenhaft, Eve, Dagmar Reese, Carola Sachse and Tilla Siegel. Eds. 1993. Rationale Beziehungen? Geschlechterverhältnisse im Rationalisierungsprozess. Suhrkamp: Frankfurt a. Main.

Rosenhaft, Eve. 1983. Beating the Fascists? The German Communists and Political Violence 1929-1933. Cambridge, London, New York: Cambridge University Press.