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Research Profile

ForschungsprofilThe research at the faculty focuses on basic research as well as the application-oriented development of relevant social and scientific topics. The aim is to investigate all topics from a holistic socio-scientific perspective.

Research-related Objectives

The research of the Faculty of Social Science is financed to a comparatively large degree by third-party funds. These third party funds come on the one hand from the relevant institutions for the promotion of scientific basic research like the DFG or the VolkswagenStiftung. On the other hand application-oriented research is being developed, which relies on public institutions like ministries as well as private organisations like companies and non-profit-organisations as cooperation partners and financial support. This includes scientific policy consulting and the financing by respective foundations.

The Faculty of Social Science participates in national and international research associations. Our research strength is reflected in the amount and structure of the acquired third-party funds, in the number and quality of the doctorates and in the scientific publications of the faculty members (e.g. essays in journals, monographs and as publishers in national and international renowned publishing houses, co-publishers, advisers, reviewers etc. in peer-reviewed publication series).


Current research projects

For a summary of our current research projects, please visit the the homepages of our different departments.

Discussion Papers and Dissertations