Markus Rudolfi


I started my academic life with a BA in sociology (major) and psychology (minor) at the University of Jena. There, I mostly dealt with issues surrounding the term "globalization" and very soon came to enjoy empirical research with qualitative methods. Inspired by a critical approach to analyse micro- and macro-social events, I joined the MA programme in sociology at the University of Frankfurt/Main, where I had the chance to gain greater expertise in qualitative research methods, especially ethnography, and found my way to the social studies of science and technology (STS) and environmental social sciences. I graduated with a MA thesis about experimental practices in an ecovillage and the ways in which nonhumans participate in the articulation of "sustainable living".


In my current research I am engaging ethnographically with a multispecies perspective on the knowing and formation of border ecologies in the context of nature conservation. Further, together with my colleagues from the Chair of Cultural Psychology and Anthropology of Knowledge I am building up a STS-oriented laboratory that serves as a place for creative encounters and exercise. As a former member of the editorial board of a students online journal I currently reflect on the relevance of collaborations in academic writing.


BA in Sociology (major) and Psychology (minor) at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

MA in Sociology at Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main


Universitätsstr. 150                                         
44801 Bochum                                               
GD 1/179
Phone +49 (0)234 32 27949



Office hours: by arrangement.

Research Areas

Ethnography, Environmental Studies and Political Ecology, Science and Technology Studies (STS), More Than Human Sociality, Temporality, Participation.

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