Raphael Hemme


Raphael Hemme joined the Faculty of Social Science at RUB in July 2017 as a member of the scientific staff.

He is associated with the chair of Cultural Psychology and the Anthropology of Knowledge (Prof. Dr. Sørensen) and the Center for Anthropological Knowledge in Scientific and Technological Cultures (CAST).

As a PhD candidate he is interested in the development of professional empathy in psychotherapeutic and psychiatric training and practice situations. With his research he hopes to contribute to the understanding of the ways in which knowledge and the subject or person co-constitute each other.


2007 - 2011

Bachelor of Arts - Cultural Anthropology and Religious Studies - Georg-August-Universität Göttingen


2011 - 2016

Master of Arts - Social- and Cultural Anthropology - Freie Universität Berlin


Universitätsstr. 150                                         
44801 Bochum                                               
GD 1/177
Phone +49 (0)234 32 19815



Office hours: Fridays 10.30 - 12 hrs

Research Areas

Science and Technology Studies (STS), Actor-Network Theory (ANT), Cultural Psychology, Anthropology of Knowledge, Cognitive Anthropology, Empathy and theory of Mind (ToM), Cognition and Emotion, Cognition and Culture, Theories of Learning