Welcome to the Chair of Sociology / Urban and Regional Studies

The chair's research focuses on forms, developments, conditions, consequences, and processes of socio-spatial inequality in different social groups and populations. Some of the topics covered are socio-spatial context and developmental opportunities in the housing, working and living conditions, social integration in an immigration based society as well as opportunities for social contacts, personal networks and mobility behaviour. The projects follow a theory-based empirical research. Empirical analysis is used for comparison between different neighbourhoods, towns or regions. The structural social and demographic change in the Ruhr Area is a topic of special focus.

The teaching programme is predominantly composed of classes in urban and regional sociology. An introductory lecture conveys the fundamental knowledge of this research area. Other courses give special thematic emphasis on topics such as the development of housing and living conditions, residential mobility or the socio-spatial conditions of social life, well-being and social networks. Most of these courses have a strict empirical orientation or are designed as research based learning. The chair is strongly involved in the Master’s study programme “Urban and Regional Development”. In addition, a lecture teaches the fundamentals, namely, the most important terms of classic and modern theory of sociology.