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Moodle Registration

There are two possibilities for the Moodle registration:
TIP 1: Search the course by the course-ID (LV-number)
TIP 2: Search the course by the course name (e.g. social change)
If it does not work the first time, just try again.

Notification per E-Mail

Every day, large amounts of data determine our work. Not only spam e-mails cause problems, but also messages that are only signed with first names and/or e-mails with no information on the designated seminar. Usually, the e-mail address also does not solve the issue. Therefore we are asking you: Please always include your first name and your surname in e-mails directed to us. Not only foreign names can be mixed up.

In general, we expect precise wording of the questions. Spelling, grammar and punctuation should conform to general standards.

When it comes to questions about a course, we additionally would like to get the exact title of the course and the semester in which it was held. This saves us the search in various lists of participants and/or course catalogues.

Advice on the Design and Evaluation of Essential Scientific Formats of Working and Programme Achievements

For advice concerning the design and evaluation of essential scientific formats of working and programme achievements, click on the links below.

General Guidelines for Writing Seminar Papers at the BA and MA Level

General Guidelines for Seminar Presentations at the BA and MA Level
General Guidelines for Writing Reviews at the BA and MA Level
General Guidelines for Writing Essays at the BA and MA Level

Erklaerung zur eigenstaendigen Abfassung


With the introduction of CampusOffice, the issuing of "paper certificates" has become dispensable. Students only need to make sure that the grades are properly registered in CampusOffice. You also decide per CampusOffice which certificates are to be credited for which module. If you require a paper version of a module certificate, the authorized person for CampusOffice can print it:

Inga Bienert
Building GD, Room E1/630
more information about office hours etc.: