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Call for Abstracts "Reproductive Rights and the Politics of Reproduction“
25 years ago, the idea of sexual and reproductive health and rights that center on individual dignity and human rights has been developed at the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo. In 1995, it was integrated into the fourth World Conference on Women‘s action platform and recognised as part of human rights under international law. While being controversial at that time, lively debates and political actions accompany the translation of these rights into national policies ever since: In contrast to many women’s, human rights and health movements, powerful conservative and religious circles and right-wing populist parties mobilise against the introduction of such policies. Yet, from a historical perspective, bodily autonomy and women’s reproductive self-determination had always been disputed and been object of (bio)political struggles, for example to regulate individual procreation and population development by means of pro- and anti-natalist policies, respectively.

For a special issue of the German journal Femina Politica on this topic, we are looking for articles. Abstracts (1-2 pages) are invited by 30th November 2019. The Call for abstracts can be found here.