Corinna Land, M.A.



Lecturer and scholarship PhD student 

Room: GB 03/140

Consultation hours: by agreement



Research topics:


- Transnational Migration and Development

- Land Conflicts and Land Grabbing

- Resistance, Protest and Social Movements

- Trade Unions

- Regional Focus Latin America







Uprooted belonging: the formation of a ‘Jumma Diaspora’ in New York City, with Eva Gerharz. In:
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2017.1373594.




Akteurskonstellationen in Ressourcenkonflikten, with Nina-Kathrin Wienkoop. Conference report. In: Wissenschaft und Frieden 2015 (4), p. 49-50.


Research Stays Abroad:


from 05.2018


Fieldwork in Paraguay (PhD project)


08.2015 - 11.2015


Fieldwork in the USA, New York City (M.A.-Thesis)


02.2014 - 04.2014


Fieldwork in Mexiko, Hueyotlipan (Research training), Short-term stay at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla


07.2012 - 10.2012


Fieldwork in Nicaragua, El Castillo (B.A.-Thesis)




Academic Background:


since 09.2017


PhD scholarship of the Tokyo Foundation in the context of the SYLFF-Mikrokolleg „ForcedMigration“. PhD topic: Land Grabbing and Reactions from Below: Migration, Resistance, and Adaptation


11.2016 - 08.2017


Lecturer at the Chair of Sociology of Organisation, Migration and Participation, Faculty of Social Sciences, Ruhr-University Bochum


10.2013 - 10.2016


M.A. Social Scienes, Study Programme: "Globalization, Transnationalization and Governance".Title of M.A.-Thesis: „Indigene Zugehörigkeiten und Mobilität: Die Formierung einer ‚Jumma‘ Diaspora in New York City“


03.2013 - 09.2016


Research Assistant at the Junior Professorship "Sociology of Development and Internationalization", Faculty of Social Sciences, Ruhr-University Bochum


10.2013 - 09.2014


Research Assistant at the Sociology Section, Ruhr-University Bochum; Direction of seminars in the fields of "Introduction to the Sociological Classics" and "Key Concepts of Sociology"


05.2013 - 07.2013


Research Internship at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Institute of Latin American Studies; Collaboration in the Project „Land Matrix“


10.2010 - 03.2013


Student Assistant in the Tutors Programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Ruhr-University Bochum; Direction of Seminars in the field of "Scientific Working"


10.2009 - 04.2013


B.A. Social Sciences. Title of B.A.-Thesis: "Ländliche Entwicklung im Süden Nicaraguas zwischen ursprünglicher Akkumulation und Subsistenzproduktion: Diskurse, Strategien und Widerstand“