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Social Policy and Social Economy Section

Sektion Sozialpolitik und SozialökonomieSocial Policy and Social Economy deal with the interrelation of social actions and economic processes in theory and research.

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The self-conception of the section is expressed in the word "Social Economy". Following partly buried economic traditions this means that economic processes are regarded under a Social Science perspective, i.e. with a view to social relations. This demands on the one hand profound involvement with the ruling economic theory and politics, on the other hand an evaluation of given explanations controlled by Social Science. Social Policy is analysed in this tension field in the section: economic approaches for the analysis of socio-political realities (health care system, poverty problem etc) are used, but a purely economic view is declined.
The emphases of the scientific work of the section lie in the field of health economy, of an alternative design of social security, of the theory of Social Policy, the employer-employee relations, the empiric economy promotion, the public industry, the environmental economy and the international comparison of economic and social orders.

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  • Prof. em. Dr. Neumann (Lehrstuhl für Sozialpolitik und Sozialökonomik)