Papers, Master's theses, Examinations

Academic (research and) writing: General information

You can find my evaluation criteria for scientific work here. (German language only)

Please pay attention to the information on scientific work prepared by the Tutorienprogramm at the Faculty of Social Science.

If you need help and support in writing your scientific papers please contact the Schreibzentrum of the RUB. 


Information on papers you can find here. (German language only)

Master's thesis

I supervise master's theses of the programme 'Gesundheitssysteme und Gesundheitswirtschaft‘  and of other programmes with a sociopolitical topic. My areas of focus lie on projects that deal with the supply system, health respectively social inequality, the comparison of health care systems or other questions with an emphasis on social as well as health policy and politics related issues. Your master thesis should contribute to the scientific state of the art with new insights rather than summarising existing knowledge in the field of study. I am pleased to supervise empirical master theses.

Further information on supervision you can find here. (German language only)

In case you are interested in a supervision, please fill out the following document  and contact me in order to make an appointment: Vorgesprächsformular (German language only)

If you are planning to write an empirical thesis, I recommend you to use the 'studentische Forschungswerkstatt'. The 'Cafeteria-System Methodenbausteine' at the Faculty of Social Science also offers support on methods of emprirical social research.

Examinations (Modulabschlussprüfungen)

Information on examinations (Modulabschlussprüfungen) you can finde here. (German language only)